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Blinds Perris CA

Blinds are a fantastic addition to your home. Apart from looking stylish and giving your home a modern look they also act as great insulators in both cold and hot weather as well as provide you with much needed privacy.

Vertical Blinds: A classic solution for the larger windows, the vertical impressions offers an array of fashionable patterns and rich colors to choose from or the vertical blinds. Easy to clean, convenient, and available in large sizes, it offers a very versatile solution for the window covering needs.

Mini Horizontal Blinds: The neat and trim style of the aluminum mini remain a classic in the world of window fashions. It is no wonder why. Stylish wich an aluminum finish combined to a sense of practicality and easy maintenance, the sleel one-inch vanes of the Classic Mini offers a superior value in light control. Offered in a coordinating palette of colors – from the modest to the bold – will provided the design flexibility you need to accommodate any room décor.


Wood Horizontal Blinds: Tha elegant beauty of naturte is made functional in the elagant wood collection. Each piece in hand-selected and driedto allow the warmth and beauty of premium hardwood shine through. Finished into beautiful 2”, 1”, 2 ½” vanes presented in a generous collection of polished whites and rich stains, the Elegance Wood offers the finishing touch to window covering design.


Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds: Create the ideal ambience for any occasion with the versatile line of the wood image faux wood. With the elegant look and substantial feel of natural hardwood blind couple with efficiency of an innovative poly-vinyl material, the wood image brings premium value that expands the décor potancial.

Blinds used to be mainly confined to office environments as they are easy to maintain (you do not need to wash them as you do with curtains) are cheap, easy to install, and do not take up much room. However over recent years more and more people are installing blinds in their home and with the amount of choice and the benefits they offer it is not difficult to see why.